Yesterday's future - today!

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Welcome to Marciland, the hidden Net refuge for everything Y2K and gay! The site is still very much under construction, but I look forward to sharing my extremely cromulent artwork with the good people of Neocities!

Site Updates

4-14-23: The main body font is now Y2K Neophyte, which should greatly improve readability. Headers and various other things are still SF Quartzite, so don't worry, it's not going away entirely.

4-7-23 (2): The navbar is now a JS object and I have repented for my sins.

4-7-23: Finally turned the navbar into an iframe so I only have to edit one file if I want to change it! Hooray, consistency! Still figuring out how I want to format World and especially Projects, so stay tuned.

If you see something you like in there, please stick around! Even if you don't, your speeder is busted! Where are you gonna go anyway?